The 4 New Champions in League of Legends and the Best Way to Get to Know Them


League of Legends is one of the most popular games ever made. It’s a classic every gamer knows about and has played at least once. It’s super-interesting and can make you want to play 24/7.

The game has over 150 champions to choose from. And every year, Riot, the company behind LoL, adds more. Last year, there were 6 new champs for players to get familiar with. This year, there will only be 4 because of some difficulties.

There’s still a lot to learn and play.

People who want to get to know each champion’s powers as soon as possible are using LoL boosting to speed up the process a little bit. This is an amazing opportunity for every player to improve the rank of their account, win rewards, and find out what champions work best for their tactics.

We’ll talk about it later in the article. But first of all, we’d love to introduce you to the new champs of the League of Legends world!

The 4 New Champions of LoL

The 4 new champs are:

  • Vex;
  • Akshan;
  • Gwen;
  • Viego.

One of them will even get their own game soon! You can guess who until we get to them in this brief guide.


Vex is the newest of them all. She was always near Viego, helping him win. It’s best to use this champion in the middle lane. Vex can make some other champs cry thanks to her anti-dash kit.

So, she’s the best against anyone with a dash, logically.


Akshan is another newbie to the playing field, also a mid-laner. His great strength is a wide range, which is great in any fight. Besides, he has a grappling hook. After getting to know him, you’ll open new capabilities and will make your middle lane much stronger.


Gwen is cutting her enemies like paper. The basic attacks of this champion do great damage to the maximum health of her opponent. Besides, while others get attacked, she heals. This is an amazing trait since the game has fewer healing elements nowadays.


Viego. The Ruined King who is getting his own game. Everyone wants to play him due to his fame and the ability to possess killed champs for some time.

These are the picks of Riot for the year. There had to be another release, but it was postponed. Hopefully, the new champs will appear in 2022!

How to Get to Know Every Champion Quickly and Easily?

One way to get to know these wonderful champions as soon as possible is to get into boosting. In this case, you’re trusting a pro to show you all the wonders of these new great characters of the game. 

They open with different qualities on every level, on every stage of the game. It’s so interesting to find out what each of them has for you. That’s why we’re here with the most frequently asked questions about LoL boosting.

What is LoL Boosting?

League of Legends boosting is a process implying that:

  • A professional player will log into your account and play for you to achieve better results;
  • They will play alongside you and drag your chapms to wins.

This is a way thousands of players use if they:

  • Create new accounts and want to reach a higher level as soon as possible;
  • Don’t have enough time to play but need consistent growth;
  • Want to reach a certain goal but their skills aren’t enough for that.

The reasons are plenty, and we recommend trying this approach if you need urgent LoL help! Besides, we know a great service – This is where all the amazing players are, waiting for you to ask for help.

Is It Safe?

Only if you choose a trustworthy service in the first place. Boosters and coaches usually use secure paid VPN services to conceal their location and make sure your account is in full safety.

They also never open your messages or reply on your behalf. Before the boost, you may need to read the rules. One of them is not to log into your account when the professional is there trying to improve your situation.

If you do that, the account may be suspended because of a ‘security breach’. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. And neither does your booster.

Are There Guarantees?

Depends on your expectations. If you want to get from 0 to 100 in a one-hour session, then it won’t meet your requirements. But if you want to have a pro player achieve your goal over time, it’s totally possible.

In case you choose a reliable service to ask for help, you’ll get a personal booster that will work diligently on improving your account’s rank.

You can find out more information on the official website of the service.

Who Plays for Me?

People whose skills in League of Legends can’t be doubted. These are the people that know every detail and intricacy of this game and have helped hundreds of players find their place there. 

Rest assured that will only place your account in professional hands. You can talk to your booster anytime they are online to get to know them and their experience better.

Make Wise Choices

You don’t have to wait for months to see all the capacity of the new champions. If you need answers right now, it’s enough to order a boosting session. A professional player will log into your account and open new possibilities very quickly. 

No risks as they are all using high-quality paid VPN services. No ignoring your requests since you can talk to your booster anytime and your requirements are taken seriously no matter what. is one of the oldest services that help players conquer their heights faster and easier. If you don’t have time to pass all the challenges yourself or they aren’t your level, hire a booster! They are all semi-pros or pros who know LoL from A to Z!

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