Afilmywap 2022: Free Download Latest Full HD Bollywood, Hollywood, MP4 movies

Afilmywap 2022 Free Download Latest Full HD Bollywood, Hollywood, MP4 movies

Afilmywap 2022: Free Download Latest Full HD Bollywood, Hollywood, MP4 movies

Afilmywap 2022: India’s Latest New Bollywood, Hindi, Bengali, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed, South Indian Movie, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, High-Quality 3GP/MP4/HD AVI Full Mp4 remains in No.1 position in the list of Mobile Movies Provider. Which provides pirated movies for Mobile, Tablet, and Pc.

The popularity of this website can be gauged from the fact that it releases all the latest movies on its website first. Because of this many people download and watch the latest Hindi movies on their laptops, computers, and mobiles and causing a lot of damage to the film industry and mall owners.

Nowadays people prefer to watch mobile movies download at home rather than watching movies in malls etc. The biggest reason behind this is that the largest part of the country’s population lives in rural areas, and there is no availability of theaters, malls, etc. in rural areas.

Afilmywap Hindi Movies Download Site: About

Many people also consider Afilmywap as Filmywap, ofilmywap, or 1filmy4wap which are other movie download websites. For your information, let me tell you that these two websites are different. And another similar website is Ofilmywap. However, depending on the domain name, you can call it a copy of Filmywap. While this website is completely different from each other.

If you have not yet heard about Afilmywap Movies Download the website. So I would like to tell you that this website is also very popular. Thousands of movies are available for download on this website. Movies are available in many categories on this website. In which you will get Bollywood, Hollywood, Indian regional movies as well as Pakistani movies for download.

On this website, you also get new movie updates daily. With which you can watch or download some movie every day. Not only this, but you also get to watch and download Hindi Indian Tv shows online on this website. That is to say, there is a lot of content available for entertainment on this website.

Categories of Afilmywap

Apart from Today’s Latest Updated MoviesGame of Thrones All Season Hindi DubbedUnofficial Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie, movies are available in total of 15 categories on this website, which confirms the huge collection of this website. You can also download the latest movies according to the category of your choice from the categories given below. The same look of the website is given below.

Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
Bollywood Hindi Full Movies
South Indian Hindi Movie Animation Hindi Dubbed Movies
Movies Hollywood
English Movies
Marathi Full Movie
Tamil Movies
Telugu Movies
Malayalam Movies Pakistani Full Movie Bhojpuri Full Movies
Gujrati Movies

Web series Download
Bengali Movies
Hindi Indian TV Shows

All the websites of online latest movie free downloads are more popular than one. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of all these websites is that Afilmywap is a Free Movies Downloading website. And the second biggest reason for this is that the design of this website is very simple.

It is so simple that, you select the movie by category, go to the Movies Download page, and click on the download button, and the movie starts downloading from your mobile to your laptop. It is such an easy process that anyone can easily download the movie from this website. Apart from this, there are other reasons which make this website popular as follows.

There are many websites for free movie download on the internet which provide Hindi, English, Tamil Punjabi, Gujarati, and Telugu movies download. But apart from all this, Animation Hindi Dubbed Movies, Pakistani Full Movie is also available on Afilmywap, due to which this website is also very popular in Pakistan.

How to Download Movies from Afilmywap

As already told you that the interface of this website is very simple and it is very easy to download movies from this website. However, there is a small problem on this website in downloading movies and that is because of the advertisements displayed on this website. All such websites use pop-up ads to earn money, due to which there is a slight problem.

  • First of all, you have to open the Afilmywap website in your mobile browser.
  • Select the category in which you want to download movies.
  • If you do not find the movie of your choice according to the category, then search by typing the name of that movie in the search bar.
  • Now click on water searched movies.
  • You will get your movie in 360p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • Click on the quality movie you want to download.
  • Then click on Download Server.
  • Your movie download will start.

Afilmywap Latest Domains URL List – 2022

All the content available on this website comes under piracy, due to which the website has also been banned many times. Due to this getting this website like any other website has lost the original domain name. This has become a common thing for them. Because this type of website is blocked in India every day, these people have started the website again with a new domain name. Here all the new old URLs of this website have been given which were known for this website till now.
Afilmywap Hindi movies Download Site 2022
Afilmywap 2022 Afilmywap Latest Movies Download Afilmywap 2022
Afilmywap hd Afilmywap Pakistani movies Afilmywap new link 2022
Afilmywap 2022 movies Download Afilmywap Hollywood English Movies Afilmywap Website
Afilmywap Official website Afilmywap New Domain Afilmywap Kannada
Afilmywap Latest URL Afilmywap in Hindi Afilmywap HD Movies
Afilmywap Hindi Dubbed Movies Afilmywap Indian Tv Shows Afilmywap WWE Shows
Afilmywap Movie Afilmywap live Afilmywap Punjabi Movies

All the material available on this website is pirated, which comes under the piracy of original content. So this website is completely illegal. It is illegal to download or stream any content from this website online. If you fall while using this website, then you can also be punished.

Therefore, stay away from such websites as much as possible or use these websites in a safe way. If you are caught using this website, you can be fined or even jailed. Use the legal website to watch or download any movies.

Now a question comes to our mind despite being Illegal, how do people go about it. So there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that people use this website at their own risk and the second reason is VPN. What is VPN?

What are the disadvantages of pirated websites?

Suppose you make a video or music by doing a lot of hard work and want to earn money by selling it, and in such a situation if someone starts downloading your video for free, then when something is available for free. So why would someone buy that thing from you? In this case, your hard work will be in vain. Keeping all these things in mind, copyright law has been made. Under this act, no person can make available the material created by you without your permission.

If someone does this, then he will come under the category of illegal activity. In the same way, downloading or making any movies free without permission, both fall under the category of crime. Under which you can be jailed or fined.

The best way is to watch or download movies online in a legal way. Many websites and apps legally provide both free and paid movies on the internet. Some of which are from the following Parkar.

1. MX player

Mx player is an app providing free mobile TV, Movies, and Web series. On which movies and free web series are available in different languages. Apart from this, you can also enjoy online music on this app. Tv shows, web series, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Hindi dubbing movies are available on this app which you can watch or download absolutely free of cost without spending a single penny.

2. Voot

Voot is a great app for watching and downloading live movies. You can watch LiveTV shows, News, Cartoons, and Movies on it for absolutely free. Voot is a great app for watching live movies and downloading them offline. This app is available in different styles and languages. It has a huge collection of movies that can be watched online. TV shows can be downloaded for offline viewing.

3. Zee5

Zee5 is a good option to watch free mobile movies online. But this is a premium app whose monthly fee starts from just Rs.49. Now from the point of view of free entertainment, this fee is not very much. On this app, you can watch those movies and tv shows absolutely free on which premium is not written.

4. PopCornFlix

PopCornFlix is ​​also a great alternative to Afilmywap movies. This app also holds a huge collection of movies, web series and tv shows. No monthly fee is required to watch or download movies on it. And as soon as you connect yourself to the site, you can start watching movies.

5. Gingle

Gingle is also a very good app to watch and download for free. It is also available in many languages ​​and is quite popular for watching TV, Movies, Web series. The content available on this is legal. You can also use this app once.

Best illegal alternative to Afilmywap Movies

Many pirated websites like Afilmywap are available on the internet. All these websites are more than one. All of them keep giving competition with each other to download the latest movies. And first of all, there is a competition to update movies in them. Here is a list of some similar piracy websites. Which is very popular like this website.

1. Ofilmywap

Ofilmywap alternatives to afilmywap

There is such a huge collection of the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, web series, Tv Shows and Hindi dubbed movies on this website that you will not need to go to any other website.

2. Hindilinks4u


There is a huge collection of all types of Old and New movies downloaded or watch online on Hindilinks4u. You can enjoy it free by playing any Bollywood or Hollywood movies online. Apart from this, there is also an Android Movies App on this website which you can download on your mobile and enjoy full of movies or web series.

3. fMovies

fmovies download movies

On this site, you get a huge collection of movies, Tv Shows, and TV series which you can watch online for free. On this website, you can watch the latest movies list 2022 by online download or online streaming without spending a single penny.

This website is so popular that every month at least 15-20 lakh people use this website. This means to say this website is viewed 50 to 60 thousand times daily and movies are downloaded.

4. Okpunjab

alternative to Afilmywap
alternative to Afilmywap

Okpunjab is one of the best movie downloading websites, which can download Hindi movies as well as Tamil, Telugu, and the latest Punjabi movies for free. There is no registration required for online movies download or live movie streaming on this website and it is absolutely free.

5. 7starhd

7starhd Best Bollywood Hollywood Movies Download

7starhd is a movie downloading website where you can download the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian Dual Audion movies and also watch online Tv shows. There are many categories to download movies in HD and Full HD format in 7starhd.

From the 7starhd 2022 website you can download movies of 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p as well as blue-ray quality movies. On this website, you can also watch the LiveTV programs in full HD format.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Is Afilmywap Movies Downloading Free?

Watching and downloading movies on Ofilmywap is completely free. You may have trouble with only advertisements on this website.

2. Is downloading movies from Afilmywap safe?

There is a risk of piracy and pop-up ads can harm your system.

No, Afilmywap movies are completely illegal websites, and using them is a legal offense.

4 How secure is this website?

Your question has been answered in detail above. In short, the advertisement appearing on this website and its illegality can be harmful to you.

5. What is the legal way to download movies?

Above are the legal alternatives of this website which is legal to watch and download movies in a legal way.


We do not promote any kind of pirated content on If you are using any pirated website like afilmywap, then use it with your own responsibility. The content is for informational purposes only. Piracy is illegal under any circumstances and watching movies through such pirated and illegal sites is always punishable. Theft and distribution of content without copyright is illegal.

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